About Us

Founded in the spring of 2018, the Berkano Hearth Union is a community of heathens, pagans, and those interested in heathenry who have come together to form this community and who are working together to create an inclusive group to learn, grow, and deepen our shared spirituality. Our mission is to provide religious fellowship and education on Heathenry in Georgia.

What is Heathenry?

The terms “Heathen” and “Heathenry” generally refer to practices of polytheistic spirituality and ancestor veneration of ancient peoples indigenous to Northern Europe (i.e. the Norse, the Anglo Saxons, the Germanic tribes, Slavic, etc…).

Inclusive Heathenry

In the Berkano Hearth Union, we have many people walking varied spiritual paths and as such we respect every member’s personal views and beliefs. Our goal is not to teach orthodoxy but to enrich and inform the spiritual lives of our membership. We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or political affiliation.


The Berkano Hearth Union is a close-knit confederation of hearths drawn together by a common interest in the traditional practices of our ancestors and we strive to further strengthen our organization through fostering bonds of fellowship and friendship within our community. We seek to accomplish this goal in various different ways, including:

  • Public blots
  • Monthly moots
  • Veteran Support
  • Community Support
  • Community engagement through social media

Declaration 127

We are a proud sponsor of what is known in the Heathen community as Declaration 127:

hvars þú böl kannt kveðu þat bölvi at ok gefat þínum fjándum frið
“When you see misdeeds, speak out against them, and give your enemies no frið”
Hávamál 127

We view being inclusive is important to us as an organization and speak out against organizations that are exclusionary.

See www.declaration127.com to see other heathen groups who stand with us.

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